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How I ended up working with one of the worlds biggest DJ’s

Let’s start from the beginning…

I’d been working on a few tracks with Andreas Moe (sick singer & really sweet guy). Well, he sent over this acapella called ‘Echoes’. We made a track around the vocal and Andreas’ manager sent it over to Tiësto. Next thing I know Tijs is calling me up, telling me he loves the demo and wants to work on it together for his upcoming album. Pretty surreal right? It get’s better…

Where does he want to work on the album? Vegas! Of course!!. So we (myself & Dave Silcox) fly out in may to meet Tiësto, hang out and make some music together. We get set up in a massive studio in the Palms and crack on. Not before getting a tour of the boss’ insane suite at the MGM.

After several days in the studio and some solid ideas down, we headed to Hakasan on friday night where Tiësto has a residency. This is where things got a bit too crazy. To set the scene; Hakkasan Club, 5000 people losing their shit & I’m stood in the booth doing tequila with Tiësto… Let’s not forget that I’m probably half the size of Tijs, so this clearly wasn’t going to end well.. and it didn’t. I passed out in the staff toilet? Not even sure how I got there. It also didn’t help when Tijs wouldn’t let me drink water between shots!

All in all, a crazy / mind blowing experience. What really surprised me was that even though Tiësto is at the peak of the Artist game, he is one of the most humble and down to earth guys that I have had the pleasure of working with.

Check the video below to see me in the latest ‘In the Booth’ Episode from my time in Vegas: